February 21, 2019

2018: How I will govern Ekiti if elected – Opeyemi Bamidele

Former member of house of representatives and governorship aspirant in Ekiti state, Opeyemi Bamidele has revealed how he will govern the state if elected during July 14 gubernatorial election, saying he will be an ‘unusual governor’.

Opeyemi, who is contesting on the platform of All Progressives Congress (APC) disclosed this while briefing newsmen in Abuja at the party’s National Secretariat after the submission of his nomination form on Tuesday.

Presenting his blueprint tagged: “Keeping Hope Alive” to the public, he said he has charted the course of development of the state.

According to him, “We will hit the ground running as soon as I am sworn into office because everything in Ekiti has been afflicted. I hope to intervene through the offer of a selfless and quality leadership.

“We will make Ekiti one of the best state in the country. Already, I have conducted a town by town, and local government by local government analysis of resources available and the opportunities that could be utilized by the people of the state.

“My vision is to mobilise the people; particularly young men and women, to activate their latent potentials in consultation with relevant stake holders at the Local Government level with a view to evolving strategic roadmap for agricultural development and rural transformation in Ekiti state.”

He singled out the revitalization of the economy, agricultural sector, ensuring qualitative education and the creation of employment opportunities as areas he would prioritized if voted into power.

Promising that he would not let the allure of the governorship office to get into his head, he reiterated his faith in God to see him through in the governorship race.

Meanwhile, Senator Gbenga Aluko said he will not be probing the current government of Ayodele Fayose in Ekiti state if elected as the next governor of the state as doing that will only serve as a draw back to the development of the state.

Senator Aluko who said he was contesting the governorship of Ekiti state for the last time, having made two previous attempts which failed said rather than waste time looking into what the last government has done or failed to do, he will simply “draw a line on the sand and move on”.

Senator Aluko who was reacting to a question whether he will probe the Fayose administration if elected as governor of the state said: “As an individual, I don’t really criticize people because the easiest thing to do is to criticize. The most difficult thing to do is to be constructive. I always want to be constructive.

“Stomach infrastructure to me is joke because I don’t know how to explain or define stomach infrastructure. I just told you the infrastructure that I know about which is road and power. The present government will end October 16 and I am praying that I will take over from him.

“As a person, by my upbringing, I draw a line on the sand. I always move forward. In life, if you look backward, you can never move forward. So, I am not one that will be looking at what the previous government did. I wasn’t brought up like that. I will draw a line in the sand and I will move forward to develop Ekiti state.”

On his Programme for the state, he said “I don’t want to say I am the best because I don’t like under rating people. The electorates will determine who is the best by who they vote for. But I will say by the Programme I have, I am sure they will vote for me. This is my third attempt at being the governor of Ekiti state. In 2007, I contested the governorship and unfortunately, the then PDP disqualified me 36 hours to the primary and I don’t know why.

“The APC is the only party that has given me the opportunity to get to the primary and test my popularity and I am almost certain that I will win the primary as a result of my hardwork and the blessings that I hope we will get from God.

“If you get to Ekiti today at 6.30 pm, the state is dead because there is absolutely no power anywhere across the state except generators. So. From 6.30pm to 6.30am, the state is commercially dead as nothing happens there. So, one of the first thing that I am going to do is power. I will take Ekiti out of the power grid of the country and have an Ekiti power generation and transmission company.

“We will restructure the grid because most of the problem we have in Ekiti and indeed across the country is the problem of the grid. So, we will do a new grid in Ekiti which neigbouring states can connect to. We are going to generate our power through modular gas plants and solar system to give us constant power.

“In the whole of Ekiti today, I am the only one that has an industrial plant and i have never been connected to power. I run the factory strictly on generators and I have not make any profit from the place. So, I know from experience that if you want to industrialize the state or commercialize the state, you must have 24 hours power supply because everything is tied to power.

“I already have the blue print of how to generate power for the state. I have already commissioned a study on that. We must have first class roads in Ekiti and not the kind of roads that you will need to rehabilitate every raining season. So I will concentrate on power and infrastructure when I become governor.

“Like I said, I am the only one who has an industry in Ekiti state and I have had it there for about eight years now and so, I am the only one who knows what it takes to industrialize the state.”

Asked where he intend to get the money to implement his programmers for the state, he said “My last job was Director for Government Affairs for Chevron Nigeria. I have worked in International companies and I know that there is lot of fund in the world for infrastructure.

“I can tell you straight away that the Indian government has a 10 billion dollar African fund and 5 billion dollars of it is for infrastructure.

“So, there is a lot of fund in the world for development. If they see you as a responsible person, running a responsible government, you will get funding. You can’t develop Nigeria with what we generate. You must attract international fund to develop the place and you must find a way to repay that loan. If you have constant power, people will pay for it and that will attract industries.

“I have told a lot of my friends that this is my last attempt at contesting the governorship of Ekiti state. I want to be able to go to England and watch my kids play football. I have two kids who are professional footballers. I am 55 now and I don’t think that after 55, I should e contesting elections.

“I will be 59 during the next can test. I should be retired by then. I do everything early in life. So, I can tell you that this is my last shot at the governorship seat and I can also tell you that I am going to win this contest.”

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