Alert: PDP may lose Ekiti guber election

There are growing signs that the opposition People’s Democratic Party may fail to retain the state at the forthcoming polls.

This is reportedly due to the ongoing deep-seated distrust within the ruling party in the state, which has led to the defection of some chieftains while those who remain within the party are said to be determined to commit anti-party activities.

Checks by Sahel Standard showed that aside the lack of internal cohesion, the ruling party also faces the rough determination of the APC to apply the same measure that brought incumbent Governor Fayose to power in the last poll.

Federal political forces are reportedly determined to unleash federal might the same way the last PDP Federal Government acted which secured victory for the party at the poll.

Insiders said Governor Fayose is aware of this plot but may be powerless to resist the onslaught due to several factors.

The Governor no longer controls federal forces that were at his disposal in the last poll even as these times around he is not the candidate seeking election.

Others also noted that the Governor has courted several alliances to forestall such onslaught but nothing positive has come out of it.

It was learnt that federal cabal are determined to teach the governor a lesson, not only because of the process that produced him as a governor but due to his toxic relationship with the Presidency.

An APC source in Abuja noted that, “Ekiti will go APC whether Fayose like it or not. We will use the same method he deployed that time. And we will make sure the process is free and fair just like that of 2014”, he said mockingly.

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