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Amaechi, Wike bicker over ‘incessant killings’ in Rivers

The Minister of Transportation, Chibuike Amaechi, has come hard on the Rivers state governor, Nyesom Wike, on the security challenges facing the state.

He accused the governor of standing idle while people of the state are being killed daily.

Amaechi, who asserted that Wike presides over an irresponsible government, observed that aside failing to provide good governance for the people of the state, he (Wike) took no definite action to safeguard people of the state.

Speaking at a rally held at Bera, the headquarters of Gokoma Local Government Area of the state, during weekend, Amaechi reinforced the beliefs that the primary purpose of any government is security, insisting that his successor failed woefully in that aspect.

The rally, which received hundreds of supporters of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) who switched to the All Progressives Congress (APC), underscored the main opposition party power-push to seize Rivers state in 2019.

“Every government has a responsibility to protect lives and property,” the former governor who fell out with Wike in the proceeding events of the 2015 election said.

Continuing, Amaechi pointed out that, “The reason there is a government is because the people are alive. If a person dies there will be no government.

“Any government that watches its people killed every day is an irresponsible government. Governor Wike watches his people killed every day.”

Sharing disturbed experience of a woman, whose husband was killed while she and her son watched helplessly, Amaechi who turned emotional said the incident could happen to anyone in the face of security challenges facing the state.

“I can assure you today that this government of Wike has failed,” he declared.

Amaechi who compared his reign as a governor in the state and what is obtainable under the current government, recalled that aside that “you (Rivers people) slept and I kept awake”, he ensured that “As governor, I chased away criminals to their holes.”

Giving insights on how he was able to combat crime while he was a governor, Amaechi said “I know that the reason they are into crime was because they had no money for them.

“I knew that for you to stop a man from crime you need to provide an alternative means of livelihood. And to do that, I started building infrastructures. I built schools, hospitals and health centres.

“A lot of people were employed in each of the schools and health facilities I built,” he noted.

Meanwhile, Wike had raised alarm that federal government is attempting to kill, using the minister of transportation.

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