APC Primaries: I’ll only agree with Amaechi if… – Abe

The lawmaker representing River South East Constituency in the red chamber, Magnus Abe has said his political disagreement with former governor of the State and current minister of transportation, Rotimi Amaechi is not deep but he won’t agree with him on the indirect mode of primaries he has chosen.

Abe, who addressed newsmen at the APC National Secretariat in Abuja on Thursday, reiterated that he is not rescinding his decision and decisions of party leadership to adopt direct primaries in selecting candidate of ruling party.

“My disagreement with the Minister of Transportation is not deep, it is just that he doesn’t want me to be the candidate of the party and I believe if that issue is submitted to members of the party and they agree that I should not be the candidate, I will take it in good faith and I will support the party.

“If they, however, feel that giving my services to the party and giving my track records of the party, of excellent service to my state, I should be given the opportunity to serve the state in that capacity, I am offering myself for that. I think that will resolve that issue,” he said.

The governorship aspirant, who is jostling to get the ruling party’s ticket ahead of primaries holding in two weeks’ time, however, said he wouldn’t have contested against Amaechi if he is on the race, saying the minister is his boss.

He said, “The Minister for Transportation is not running. If it is an election he is contesting, he is my leader, I won’t contest against him but I believe that this is a contest that will be between me and whoever thinks that he has something better to offer people of Rivers State and I believe people are smart enough to make a judgment at this moment.”

Meanwhile, against the widely reported division in the Rivers state chapter of the APC, a chieftain of the party and one of the governorship aspirants seeking the party’s ticket, Dumu Lulu Briggs, has denied that factions exist.

Also speaking with newsmen in Abuja shortly after he submitted his nomination form at the party’s National secretariat, Briggs said though some people have sympathy for one leader or the other but all the APC stakeholders in the state are loyal to President Muhammadu Buhari.

“Well, l think that there is a lot of misconception, we do not have factions in the All Progressives Congress in River State, people in the party have sympathy for certain persons and their and that you find across the entire country, not just in Rivers State. It is almost all the state where there is contest for governors.

“Rivers state is going through a phase, therefore there is a lost of interest in getting PDP governors out of office to ensure we have the APC governor in place.

“So, you have some other persons who support this aspirations and the party would seem to be divided along that line and that is what you find in every contest and all of that would be decided on Sept 28 when the party would have these candidates come together and all the major interest in the party would be collapsed together.

“All of us are loyal to Mr. President who is the leader of the party. The issues in the court in Rivers States, the court would help to resolve some of those issues and the rest of them the party members would sit and resolve them. So, we don’t have factions of APC in Rivers but one party with people’s different interest.”

Responding to a question on his relationship with party members in the state, the governorship aspirant said, “As a matter of fact, my aspiration is supported by the little guys on the streets and that is where I drive my strength from.

“They are doing tremendous work in the party, they are doing tremendous work in the state. I think my reputation speaks ahead of me and by the special grace of God as you see there grand sort of support to what we do.

“I picked my forms may be there may be two or three aspirants perhaps but I can tell you I have the ranks and files of the party behind this aspiration and across, you can see people in labour party supporting my aspiration, you see people in APGA supporting my aspiration and APC will be blessed to have me as a governorship candidate in the 2019 general elections.”


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