Banire denies rivalry with Tinubu over APC Congress

The National Legal Adviser of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Muiz Banire, has denied his involvement in the fallout of the party’s congress in Lagos state, saying he’s not in rivalry with former Lagos state governor, Bola Tinubu.

He accused some cabinet members of Lagos state government of concocting a feud between him and his principal.

It would be recalled that the state congress of APC in Lagos state on Saturday turned dramatic when two members of the executive of the party emerged in a separate venue.

This spurred insinuations that Banire was behind the opposing faction led by Mr Fuad Oki in order to displace Tinubu, who is presently holding the state’s structure of the party.

But dismissing the insinuations on Sunday, Banire said in a statement he personally signed and and made available to newsmen that there is no any rivalry between him and Tinubu.

He described the reports on feud between them as mischievous and the handiwork of those who were intimidated by the cordial relationship that exists between him and the former Lagos state governor.

APC National legal adviseer noted that, as a professional in politics, he is only interested in good governance and not any political leadership at any level.

The statement partly read, “The mischievous write-ups in respect of contest for leadership between myself and Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, obviously manufactured by some members of the Lagos State cabinet.

“Let me thank them for the continuous publicity given to me. However, it is important to state in the first instance that I am not in the same business with Asiwaju so as to have any form of contest.

“I have said it severally and I still repeat it that I am not a professional politician but a professional in politics for the purpose of good governance.

“Consequently, there certainly cannot be any rivalry between us, nor am I interested in any political leadership at any level.”

The legal luminary, who acknowledged Tinubu as his leader, said the impression of a feud between them is a creation of those who felt threatened by their (him & Tinubu) relationship, adding that he respected former Lagos state governor as a leader and have no intention of displacing him.

He continued, “The writers have their motives which is understandable because they fear my relationship with Asiwaju which to the best of my knowledge remains cordial. He is undoubtedly my leader.

“It is not in my character to be disrespectful to any elder and neither am I interested in displacing anybody. I have faith in the words of God that appoints leaders and empowers them.

“I am not in the struggle for any leadership position. However, I remain committed to my ideals and principles, particularly on internal democracy and good governance.

“I encourage the goons to continue in their strides as I know is that in so far as God remains on the throne, I shall remain unhurt.”


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