Burkina Faso: Kaboré’s public comments on human rights abuses, allegations

On Sunday, June 24, Burkina Faso’s President Roch Marc Kaboré appeared on three Burkinabé television stations to discuss a variety of issues. Fasozine offers a roundup  of the president’s statements on various controversies. Here is one excerpt that caught my eye:

“Every time I have a meeting with the General Staff of the Armed Forces, I have always insisted on the fact that we must be respectful of human rights. It is true that we are on the ground, but we must have the confidence and the collaboration of the populations, which we must treat with maximum respect and consideration.

“This message is consistently repeated. At the level of the security forces, work is also done on all these human rights questions. Human Rights Watch really sent a message to the Burkinabé government to take action on a certain number things.

“We have asked them to come meet the minister of defense, to go on the ground. We have opened an investigation to apportion responsibilities on all of these questions.

“Everywhere that problems have been brought up, arrangements have been taken up in terms of investigation, in terms of sanctions. We think that there is more dramatization than reality. We always wait for proofs to be established and that they be shown to us”, the President said.

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