March 19, 2019
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Cabinet Dissolution: Anxiety Grips Ministers

As President Muhammadu Buhari raps up his first tenure as president of the federation,there are strong signals that dissolution of the Federal Executive Council is imminent.

Ministers are reportedly anxious even as some less powerful members of the cabinet have commenced intense lobbying to retain their seats.

Our source indicated that out of 35 council member ,less than 10 are sure of their retention in the new cabinet.About nine ministers are specifically identified as expected to make the new cabinet due to what the source called a combination of their strong connection within the power structure and recorded excellent performance in the last three and half years. 

“As it is ,less than 10 ministers are expected to be re-appointed.Close to two third of present crop of ministers are likely to be dropped.You can expect to see fresh faces to energise the new cabinet”,the source said.

Further checks showed that North West zone may have the highest numbers of retained ministers while the southern zones may record more dropped ministers.

It was also learnt that retained ministers may experience reshuffling of positions, our source further revealed.

Meanwhile, many ministers are anxious about what president Buhari will eventually do as the May 29th date approaches.

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