Do Igbo have a King?

By Fredrick Nwabufo It is a quotidian belief that ‘Igbo nwero eze’ – the Igbo have no king. But this belief may not be entirely accurate. I often squirm in disagreement when people say, “the Igbo are not united; they have no king, everyone is a king in Igboland”. True, the Igbo are republican, but […]

Europe’s illiberal insurgencies

By Victor Paul Borg A  synthesis of the analysis done by the liberal-minded commentariat of last week’s disruptive electoral result in Italy – which saw the irreverent M5S supersede the centre-left and the anti-immigrant La Lega – is that in times of economic misery the appeal of the populists is irresistible. This analysis, only superficially […]

‘Child beggars and the Almajiris’

By  Musa Temidayo Child begging has almost become a culture thing in Northern Nigeria and is a normal feature in other states, writes Musa Temidayo, 26, a Commonwealth Correspondent from Nigeria, who recently had a first-hand look at the lives of the children involved. Children between the ages of three to 15 roam the streets […]

Standard Bank: How Innovation will drive African Tech Deals

Improving economic growth and investment in technology and broadband to fuel growth in Africa’s telecom media and tech sector The global head of TMT  for Africa’s largest bank, Standard Bank , is predicting continuing deal flow and increasing investment in Africa’s flourishing telecom, media and technology sector in 2018, against a backdrop of improving economic […]

African retail banking Roaring to Life

The McKinsey Global Banking report finds winning strategies among Africa’s top banks The McKinsey Global Banking ( practice has  published a new report on African Retail Banking – Roaring to life: Growth and innovation in African retail banking The report finds that Africa’s banking markets are among the most exciting in the world. The continent’s […]