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Chadian President tightens grip on power

Chadian President, Idris Deby has consolidated his hold on power with constitutional reforms introducing a strong presidential democracy.

In Chad, the work of the Inclusive National Forum on Institutional Reform concluded on Tuesday evening, 27 March. It was a meeting at the initiative of the government, but boycotted by the opposition that called instead for an inclusive national dialogue.

The thousand participants at the meeting proposed that the 4th Republic to which Chad is moving should be an integral presidential regime, and that the 23 regions be transformed into provinces. Some institutions are deleted.

One of the most important decisions concerns the new administrative map presented by the general rapporteur of the presidium, Djimet Arabii is as follows: “The maintenance of a highly decentralized unitary state, with two levels of decentralized authorities, namely the provinces and the communes, and two administrative units, namely provinces and departments, setting the number of provinces at 17”

The post of Prime Minister, which was not submitted for examination initially, is abolished. There will not be a vice-chair either. The 4th Republic will be marked by a full presidential regime with a president who will be elected for a term of six years, renewable once from 2021.

The mandate of MPs goes from 4 to 5 years. Nomads and Chadians abroad will now have seats in the legislature that keeps one room.

The Constitutional Council, the High Court of Justice and the Court of Accounts become simple chambers within the Supreme Court. The mediation and the Economic and Social Councils are abolished.

The status of the opposition and the National Commission on Human Rights will also be included in the Constitution, which will mark the passage to the 4th Republic.

Source: RFI

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