Election violence: Sierra Leonean minister brutalised, hospitalised

The outgoing minister of energy in Sierra Leone, Ambassador Henry Macaulay has been seriously brutalised by suspected political thugs during the presidential election of the country.

It had earlier been reported that violence ensued when the opposition party was vehemently rejected for an attempt to scuttle the electoral processes. The opposition had successfully infiltrated the electoral body through a spouse of a top leader of the electoral body.

According to a report, the extent of rigging was allegedly unearthed during the several recount of votes but the ruling party refused to dispute the announced results so as to sustain peace and stability in the country.

A close friend of the minister, who pleaded anonymity told our correspondent in a hospital on Monday that he was surprised to see how a gentle and peace-loving Ambassador Macaulay was nearly killed by his political enemies because of politics and power.

He said, “I went to see him this morning. Very sad to see a young active Sierra Leonean wilfully and wickedly brutalised in this way, just because of politics and power.”

The minister’s friend, who lamented the way politics is being handled in Africa added that Ambassador Macaulay was going about his normal business when he was accosted and attacked

He, however, condemned such a brutal attack, saying that Sierra Leone had been enjoying peace for good 10 years under leadership of Dr Bai Koroma before the recent political tension happened.

“This Country has enjoyed peace for 10 years. Are we now going to court violence which may multiply itself, with horrendous potential consequences?

I strongly condemn this and all other attacks that have been going on. President Koroma has advised us to “gee dem road”. May God make it possible for us to continue doing so, and to put Salone first. Our common effort should be towards peace and prosperity in our Land,” he said.



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