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EXCLUSIVE: How Sierra Leone Election Was Rigged


Contrary to widespread reports, the recently concluded Presidential election in Sierra Leone was massively rigged.

Few hours after a run off was announced, facts emerging from across the country confirmed that the election was heavily rigged through a collision between members of the opposition and the electoral body.

The reports suggested that the opposition had successfully infiltrated the electoral body through a spouse of a top leader of the electoral body.

The extent of rigging was allegedly unearthed during the several recount of votes but the ruling party refused to dispute the announced results so as to sustain peace and stability in the country.

A top official of the ruling party disclosed that “extensive records of rigging and manipulations have been collated. The opposition had planned this evil in collusion with some elements within the NEC. We have found out all the details and neccesary actions are being taken”, the official said.

More facts about the rigging surfaced on Wednesday when the
Falaba District Returning Officer Alex Paila was arrested by police for his involvement in a massive vote manipulation in Falaba District in favour of the SLPP, the main opposition party.

Alex, a Native of Moyamba is said to have influenced the recruitment and deployment of his kinsmen from Moyamba district in a nationwide conspiracy to aid SLPP win at first round.

His suspected crimes include ballot stuffing and forgery of NEC forms in favour of SLPP.

As if to confirm the collusion between the opposition and the electoral umpire, NEC officials are allegedly
presently trying to negotiate his release and possible transfer from the district.

Top NEC officials are allegedly pleading with police to keep the arrest secret in order to maintain the integrity of NEC as the nation heads to Presidential runoff elections.

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