February 21, 2019
Real Estate

Guzape-new Real Estate Hot cake

Guzape is a new highbrow district of Abuja that is attracting real estate investors. The area adjacent to Asokoro and very close to the city center is now the darling of investors.

Within five months, investors earn close to fifty percent increment on their investment.

The attraction of Guzape include proximity to city center, fully function al infrastructures, high security presence and boundary with Asokoro,homes of Nigeria top class.

The Guzape district project is located at a low range hilly area with Asokoro district at its south–western end and outer southern expressway and forms its eastern boundary in the Federal Capital City of Abuja.

The Guzape District Lot II has a total area of approximately 484hectares and plot areas of 340hectares.

It comprises 41km of road, 29 culverts, 45km storm water drainage system, 75km sewage pipeline system (including mini sewage treatment plant), 45km water supply distribution network, 70km telecommunication ducts, power supply distribution and street lighting including 1 (3 x 15 mva) 33/11 kv substations and 11/0.45 kv, 500 kva package transformers.

This district accommodating about 1,352 plots is meant to provide additional plots within the vicinity of Phase-1 of the Federal Capital City and is expected to ease the congestion presently experienced within the City.

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