How Femi Adelegan ‘dissected’ issues of illegal migration, information mgt in new books

Two additional publications on contemporary issues (Illegal Migration & Techniques of Information Management in Governance) of are to be released into the market in the next two weeks by a publicist, author, strategic thinker and technocrat, Femi Adelegan, whose experiences in top political positions (usually referred to as corridor of power) span sixteen (16) solid years. The publications are titled: USEFUL GUIDES FOR FOREIGN TRAVELS, PORTS/BORDER POSTS & IMMIGRATION MATTERS and TECHNIQUES OF INFORMATION MANAGEMENT IN GOVERNANCE, written by Adelegan, a versatile writer with a fine analytical mind. The two books are being released at a time when Africa, widely regarded as the next frontier of the global economy faces huge challenges of illegal migration, as well as constraints and challenges of evolving durable solutions to the myriad of socio-economic and political advancements militating against good governance.

A summary of the first book titled: USEFUL GUIDES FOR FOREIGN TRAVELS, PORTS/BORDER POSTS & IMMIGRATION MATTERS, according to its FOREWORD written by a retired diplomat, Amb. Joe C. Keshi indicates that: ‘’Indeed, this publication could not have come at a better time than now, when the whole world is united about the need for good governance, and combatting terror; issues that have made nations to continue to tighten their immigration policies, and when the federal government of Nigeria is introducing a new border control and immigration system, while also putting in place operations to ease doing business at the nation’s border posts; coupled with the introduction of a multi biometric system that is capable of generating a database of travelers and users of the ports in line with best global practices.

The publication also strongly counsels against illegal migration, as well as criminal acts and social vices related to migration and border posts activities. Additionally, this compilation counsels strongly against false declarations in business transactions at the embassies/border posts, and transactions at ports and dealings with maritime agencies.  ‘’This book is ‘’A Must Read’’ for all who wish to be guided on how to have smooth passages at border posts in Nigeria and abroad, attaining the objective of doing business with ease in Nigeria, and for Nigerians to conduct themselves in an orderly manner while on visits abroad.’’ Femi Adelegan did not stop at explaining the harsh situation abroad to intending illegal migrants and attempt to dissuade them from engaging in the dangerous foreign trips and sharp practices; but goes ahead to proffer solutions by encouraging all Nigerians to develop Nigeria by enforcing good governance through legitimate and democratic options in order to build a greater Nigeria.

The author patriotically encourages Nigerians to abandon sycophancy and other ills that have plagued the nation and resolve to make the people the key components of governance, who could take the political class to task, and do this by empowering themselves democratically to choose/elect their representatives freely and democratically. The author states that: ‘’Nigerians must show that they are the masters of people in Government and demand for good governance as of right. ‘’People must discontinue the practice of taking several pages of advertisements in newspapers and airtime on electronic media to thank political functionaries who commission projects in their areas; for what politicians promised to do while campaigning for votes; and for duties they are paid to do.’’

The publication that also comes in thirteen chapters, including: ‘’The Very High Risks of Illegal Migration, Preventing Youths from Engaging in Criminal & Social Vices, and Developing Nigeria – A Joint Responsibility’’ is considered a good resource material for training institutions and members of staff of agencies whose roles are treated, including the Federal Ministry of Interior and its parastatals; particularly The Nigeria Immigration Service. Federal Ministries of Transportation & Interior and their parastatals, Security Agencies and paramilitary agencies, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its Missions, the National Drugs Law Enforcement Agency and other agencies of the Federal Government stationed at border posts, inclusive of The Nigeria Custom Service, Protocol Departments of Governments and other bodies in the private sector, responsible for liaising with Agencies operating at border posts, and private sector operators in general, will also find this publication useful. Others are: NAFDAC, Standards Organization of Nigeria, and institutions in the Financial Services Sector. The compilation is also spiced with very useful information like addresses and contact details of Foreign Missions in Nigeria, and Nigeria’s Missions abroad.

The second publication: TECHNIQUES OF INFORMATION MANAGEMENT IN GOVERNANCE treats profoundly, patterns and techniques of managing information in both the private and public sectors, that is sine-qua-non, for human survival. The author did not stop at making assertions. He matches his postulations with appropriate suggestions of policies and actions that could enable organizations function well in information management. His theoretical and practical postulations, also enable readers understand better, the importance of a well-managed and coordinated information flow to the success of those engaged in governance, in both the public and private sectors.  In the FOREWORD, former Senate President, David A.B. Mark, GCON notes that: ‘’It is evident that the author has been able to write very authoritatively on this important subject as he does, given his background, as well as the author’s acquisition of a rich blend of knowledge and maturity in top sensitive positions in which he has served over the last three decades. He then recommended the ‘Techniques of Information Management in Governance’ for reading by all who wish to know more about the intricate and sensitive art of information-sharing and management, and particularly to all media practitioners, students of various courses in Communications, Public Policy, Management and International Relations, for the understanding of the highly critical issues pertaining to the salient issues treated in this book.

In his ENDORSEMENT, Dr. Yemi Farounbi, a media guru and expert in Public Administration, who also previously served as Ambassador of Nigeria to the Republic of Philippines, and the Kingdom of Cambodia, notes that: ‘’Femi Adelegan has demonstrated professional excellence through this compilation. He commendably and patriotically calls for restraint on the part of media practitioners in the developing world who publish large volumes of negative news about their nations, without bothering about national interest. According to Farounbi, ‘’This publication comes as a worthy addition to the corpus of knowledge by a veteran information manager, administrator, strategic planner and publicist, whose technocratic instincts kept him on ‘’corridors of power’’ for several years. The author’s broad analyses of the pattern of information flow in both the public and private sectors, as well as the techniques available for managing information and communication in the establishment and the society, would most certainly enrich the knowledge of the professional. It would also enable those engaged in managing organizations in top positions to recognize the power of information and its usage for the attainment of societal and organizational agenda. ‘’I recommend this highly educative and informative publication for use in institutions of learning, and for reading by all those who wish to understand the intricacies involved in information management in governance, (both the public and private sectors) and the techniques recommended for managing and deploying information for public consumption and governance procedures.’’

Prof. Dayo Alao, Vice Chancellor/President of Adeleke University, Ede, Osun State, in the preface noted that: ‘‘’The author’s long walk in the corridors of power has surely enabled him to write confidently on political leadership and performance in democratic settings. ‘’I recommend this piece of literature as resource material for students, teachers, information managers, media practitioners and those placed in strategic positions as managers of human resources, for fresh and revealing ideas on techniques of information management in governance, and some aspects of governance procedures, management, and public administration.’’ The new book comes in thirteen chapters and contains important topics like: ‘’Information – An Indispensable Tool for Human Survival; Responsibilities of Image Managers; Information, Accountability & Transparency; Addressing Administrative Challenges; and The Future of Information Management.’’ These days of Public Private Partnerships and Corporate Social Responsibility, I am not in doubt that it would greatly profit the society, if public spirited individuals and corporate organizations, could be encouraged to purchase copies of the publications for distribution to the target audience widely, in national and public interests, these days when illegal migration and related social and criminal acts are threatening the peace of the global community.

Without any doubt, the author’s exposure and aptitudes as a multi-talented personality has aided the richness of the two books, having served first as Chief Press Secretary to four governors of Osun State from 1994 to 2000; and later as Chief Private Secretary/Special Adviser (Policies, Programmes and Plans Implementation) to the governor of Osun State from 2003-2010. In this capacity, Adelegan functioned as the head of the Governor’s Secretariat and had responsibility for supervising investment promotion and contacts with The Nigerian Diaspora; Nigeria’s Missions abroad, and Foreign Embassies/High Commissions in Nigeria.

At various times, (2008-2012) Femi Adelegan served as a Member of Nigerian Government’s Official Delegations to the General Conference and Executive Board Sessions of UNESCO in France; and Nigeria’s Presidential Delegations to the United States, Peoples Republic of China, Vietnam (2006) and the G-20 Summit in Canada (2010). He also attended the 41st Session of the United Nations General Assembly held in New York, United States.  His other publications include: AFRICA: The Game Changers & Dynamics of Power; GOVERNANCE: An Insider’s Reflections on the Nigerian Polity; Nigeria’s Leading Lights of the Gospel: Revolutionaries in Worldwide Christianity; and Techniques of Information Management in Governance.

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