How God’ll reshuffle Nigeria from Presidency to local level, Cleric reveals

An Abia state-based cleric, Ezekiel Acha has said that God has revealed all the ‘changes’ that will happen in Nigeria in 2019 to him as general elections draw nearer.

The cleric, while speaking to newsmen in Abuja stated that the blood of innocent souls being shed everyday in the country through violent killings, destruction and starvation is crying before God day and night, which will make the change in government imminent.

Registering his displeasure about ongoing unpleasant situations like killings in the country, he said, God has, however directed him to come to the nation’s capital (Abuja) to tell Nigerians that He (God) has promised to reshuffle Nigeria from the presidency to the local government authorities.

“My encounter with the Almighty God makes me to go wherever He (God) send me and say whatever He told me, moreover goes by His instruction.

“The voice of Almighty God came to me saying: Ezekiel, now you should go to Abuja, that great city of that nation called Nigeria for Evangelism. When you reach, I, the Almighty God will give you a message for the entire nation, Nigeria,” he said.

Acha stressed that God revealed to him that he will not allow what happened to the country about 52 years ago (1966) to happen again, adding that Nigerian law is weak and useless for failing to capture the killers of innocent souls across the land.

He said, “The sky is loaded with blood vapour and blood is flowing all over Nigeria. Yet some group of people are still killing millions and more souls, why? Because the law is weak and useless, and justices never die.

“I, the Almighty God will never, ever allow what happened in 1966, about 52 years ago to repeat itself anymore. For a long time I kept silent, I did not answer my people but now the time to answer them has come.

“I, the Almighty God says, I am to shake this nation called Nigeria, overthrow their kingdoms and destroy all their occultic powers. Also remove and destroy all the cankerworms and reshuffle from the presidency to local government authorities. Also, destroy the groups and individuals that are responsible for the cry of my people hoping that nobody sees them.”

Acha further revealed, “It is time to give my people good leaders come 2019, those who will show them love, peace, unity, kindness and also bring justice to all levels and no more rulers anymore.

“Therefore any fortunate person that found himself or herself in any of these important positions come 2019 and goes contrary will die instantly. I the sovereign Lord and the Almighty has spoken.

“I, the Almighty God is warning those cankerworms warming themselves, hoping for going back to that seat come 2019 to be careful because they are taking risk of death penalty for I am the God who given and taketh life…said the Lord.”


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