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‘I did not adopt Emir title, I remain Oluwo of Iwoland’

Following the controversies that trailed the recent adoption of ‘Emir’ title by a first-class Yoruba king and Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Adewale Akanbi, the monarch has clarified that the media misinterpreted his position.

This clarification was contained in a statement signed by his Press Secretary, Alli Ibraheem and made available to SAHEL STANDARD on Sunday.

The monarch, who expressed his displeasure over the report that littered the media said, “I didn’t adopt other title, I only said I can also be called an Emir,” adding that “the report was a product of misconception utilized by the enemies of Yoruba race to demean the revered paramount stool of Oluwo.”

Oba Akanbi wondered why he would drop Obaship title, while he adopts ‘Emir’ when he has been since his ascension on the throne in 2015 promoting Yoruba culture, saying he can also be called an ‘Emir’ by his Muslim admires especially the Hausas who cannot pronounce Oba correctly.

“I said, to integrate Nigeria nation as an indivisible entity, all working tools are available for the integration and unity of our dear country.

“I’ve visited the North several times. Core Hausas hardly pronounce Yoruba words correctly. They called me Emir when I was with them. Is there anything wrong in answerable to such?

“Even, the Hausas in Iwo here call me Emir. Will I stop them from addressing me as such? No, I am a father to the nation being a first class paramount ruler.

“My dress is a respect to Yoruba. Yoruba heritage is the best worldwide. We are the hope of not only Nigeria but also the black race. Our conducts are undeniable. The corruption part of it is what I am checkmating,” the statement said.

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