February 21, 2019
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I’m not afraid of persecution, says Fayose

Ekiti state governor, Ayodele Fayose, has dared those waiting for him to leave office for supposed persecution to go ahead, saying he isn’t afraid of being persecuted.

Fayose made the confrontation while featuring on a current affair programme on Channels Television, Politics Today, last night, adding that he is not bothered whether he is locked up for a year.

“I have done everything, I have defended Nigerians in good conscience and I have no apologies and I will never have one,” he said on insinuations that his criticisms of President Muhammadu Buhari will cause him trouble after his tenure expires later this year.

“If they like let them lock me up from today until next year . Let me tell you , we have seen Presidents , we will still see more,” the outspoken PDP governor added.

However, Fayose seemed not disturbed that he would be dealt with by perceived critics, as he said that those waiting for him will not achieve their target.

“Those waiting for me (after leaving office) would wait in vain,” he said, adding that “I am Peter, the rock. I am telling you again, those waiting for me will wait in vain.”

Fayose will run-out his second term as Ekiti governor in October this year, throwing up insinuations that he may be hounded by the government for his stance against the President.

But undaunted, he said that he feared nobody and owed no one apology for defending the people on the path of truth.

Commenting on the withdrawal of $1 billion from the Excess Crude Oil account for arms purchase, Fayose accused the Federal Government of unilaterally accessing fund meant for the three tiers of government.

The governor who referred to a Supreme Court ruling which nullified the operation of Excess Crude Oil account, maintained that the fund accessed by the Federal Government is wrong.

“Every accrual in this country is supposed to go into a Federal account that is supposed to be shared by the three tiers of government. As at today, the Federal Government is spending money that belongs to the three tiers of government.

“The Supreme court nullified the excess crude account which means all accruals must go into a central purse. Where the Federal Government will take their share, the state will take their share and the local government will take their share,” he said.

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