I’m not running for public office in 2019, says Otedola

Oil magnate, Femi Otedola has denied rumours linking him to the Lagos state governorship race in 2019, throwing his weight behind incumbent governor, Akinwumi Ambode, for re-election.

Moment after a video of the billionaire boarding a public transport (Molue) from Sango to Agege emerged online, rumours filtered on the social media, purporting that Otedola will seek the Lagos state governorship seat in 2019.

The rumours was, however, given more impetus, when a twitter account parading as the Forte Oil chief, confirmed his intention to contest for political office next year.

But Otedola took to his known twitter handle, @realFemiOtedola, on Thursday, to debunk the rumour, saying he has no intention to run for public office in 2019.

“My attention has been drawn to a news piece where false information from a parody account was posted. I am a man of the people and I will always be on the side of the masses but I am stating clearly via this medium that I am not running for office,” he wrote early Friday.

“The Governor of Lagos State is doing a commendable job and Lagosians should be proud of him.”

Apparently endorsing Ambode for second term, Otedola shared a newspaper caption where he expressed satisfaction with the progress his government has made, succinctly add that “This remains my position”.

The business mogul cautioned the public to examine account(s) that parades themselves as him, noting that profile of account that doesn’t belong to him will always reads “parody” in the bio/profile section.

“Fake accounts in my name have to have the word “parody” in their bio/profile to exist. @verified has recently paused verifications so, until I get the blue tick, please always ensure to read the bio/profile section of accounts that appear to be mine,” he noted.

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