Inside Lagos Land Use Charge

“If you are a landlord and you are the only one living in your house with your family  (No tenant). Your annual fee is
60% of the value of the house × 0.076. E.g. if your house is valued at N20m. Your fee is 0.076% of (60% of N20m) = 0.076% x N12m
N9,120.00 per annum.

” If you rented out the house to tennants only and you don’t live there and the house is worth N20m. You will pay 0.76%of (60% of N20m) =0.76% of N12m= N91,200.00

“If you are a landlord living with your tenant in the same building of the above value. You will  pay 0.256% of (60% of N20m) =0.256% × N12m= N30,720.00

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