Kaduna Politics: PDP’s eye on Sir Kashim Ibrahim’s house

It’s a coalition against time. Against the Governor of Kaduna state in North west Nigeria.

He may look featherweight but he has a very big brain. At least, he used that brain and not muscles to turn the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, into a much better place. For the period he held forte as minister, he was admired.

Years after, his predecessors’ scorecards were low in grade compared to what he left.

Nigerians, especially those in the capital city Abuja, often remember his tenure with nostalgia.

Only those who had their properties demolished, allegedly due to violation of the Abuja Master Plan, continue to remember his tenure as a nightmare.

In 2015, he used that big brain to occupy the Sir Kashim Ibrahim House. But the celebration was short lived as staunch members of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, decided to let him have his way.

Those who knew him well said he is a perfectionist and likes working with the perfect. Good brains are always his choice and certificates from overseas, his delight.

Perhaps that could be why he was accused of not considering for appointment, many that were presented to him at the twilight of his administration, by those who had claimed they contributed much in wrestling power from the People’s Democratic Party, PDP.

What followed were tales of infighting, political intrigues, blackmail, re-alignments, open confrontation and assault.

Although the administration did its best to provide good roads and other infrastructure across the state, critics said its policies on labor as its affects public school teachers had angered many families who felt disappointed.

Such families found all over the state, had regretted supporting the ouster of the PDP. As the 2019 election approaches, the political juggernauts in the state are regrouping.

Since, as they claimed, it was their political “structure” that made it possible for the APC to win elections in the state, they are confident of deploying the same tactics to bring back a PDP government in Kaduna.

Sir Kashim Ibrahim House, they vowed, must return to the PDP.

At a grand reception in Kaduna organized to welcome party members who returned to the PDP, Senator Suleiman Othman Hunkuyi, representing Kaduna Northern Senatorial District, had said the APC in the state and in the country had dealt with Nigerians and therefore, the party should be ready to see the anger of the people in 2019.

Hunkuyi spoke for other defectors, stressing that, “God gives power but the APC regime in Kaduna and in Nigeria have dealt with the electorates and the electorates will show their anger at the right time.”

A mansion located in the high brown area of Kaduna city was recently demolished on the orders of state authorities. It had belonged to Senator Hunkuyi but the administration had faulted his tax records.

“We don’t insult, but we tell the truth. I am telling El-Rufai to use the remaining time he has in office to pack his things and be ready to leave Government House. We don’t insult, but they will feel pains by the truth we speak,” Hunkuyi had said.

“The PDP is back and rebranded”, he said.

According to him, the party is ready to take over the states and the country.

Looking at his antecedents in the 19 years of democracy in Kaduna, Hunkuyi had steadily rose to become a political heavyweight whose input must be sought so as to have an easy ride to power.

A synergy between his camp and that of Alhaji Sama’ila Yakawada was all that past Governors had needed and relied on, to form government.

From Makarfi to Namadi, Yakowa to Yero, the role the duo had played to form government in the state cannot be wished away.

In 2015, El-Rufa’i had undoubtedly, enjoyed their support and patronage, a factor many said helped them to seize power from the PDP government despite the power of incumbency.

Coupled with the “Buhari hurricane” that pulled off  the political value of some political actors, even Senator Ahmed Makarfi could not garner the required votes for the Senate.

The PDP Chairman in Kaduna State, Mr. Felix Hassan Hyet welcome Hunkuyi  and others back to the PDP.

He said they would “work together with the decampees to liberate Kaduna State and Nigeria from the shackles of APC.”

Hyet said “all the mistakes APC is making is propelling PDP back to power.”

According to him, “Hunkuyi brought El-Rufai to power. I believe he has realized his mistake and would work hard towards correcting that by helping to send him packing.”

A former Governor of Kaduna state, Alhaji Mukhtar Ramalan Yero had said on the occasion, that the people were yearning for the return of PDP to power.

Political analysts of yore, said power is sweet and only a fool will let it slip off his hands.

For now, all eyes are on the PDP to see who will emerge as its flag bearer in the state. Truly, that flag bearer must be well kitted and intelligent enough to face a giant.

But, the incumbent did not look like a fool and will not fold his hands to allow the state goes back to the PDP. A state aptly described as the political capital of the North.

It’s going to be an epic, fit for the living to see.

Ibrahim, the Sardauna of Hayin Banki Kaduna and Editor of SAHEL STANDARD Media writes from Abuja and can be reached via rotihassan@gmail.com



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