League of women voters dvocates state police

The League of Women Voters in Nigeria has advocated state police as solution to the persistent insecurity in several parts of the country.

In a statement signed by its National President, Dr Esther Uduehi,the league commiserated with victims of violence in Zamfara and other parts of the country,urging that it is time new security proposals are considered.

The full statements is published below:

The League commiserates with the people of Zamfara State following attacks on several communities including Birinin Magaji, Zurmi, Tsafe and Anka LGAs. The League is shocked to hear tales of how helpless villagers were killed and maimed with recourse to no help nor protection.

Women all over, are praying for a safer country and cannot ignore the price many have paid in terms of loss of lives and property following through what appears to be an inordinate quest for access to land.

Women are calling on the federal goverment to act urgently and review existing measures so that there will be improved security and reassurances to ordinary people that the country cares about them.

In many ways, happenings in Zamfara and indeed other parts of the country, particularly Benue, Taraba, Kogi, Ondo, Plateau, Enugu, Edo and Delta all smack of “land grab” which could be equated to an invasion by foreign hostile interests ( “in this case armed bandits”) into Nigeria and thereby undermining its sovereignty.

Women cannot fold their hands and allow any part of the country to be lost to foreign aggregators or interests, nor will it ignore the gruesome loss of lives, particularly that of women and children.

The League therefore urges the FG to act without further delay to safeguard the lives and properties of its citizens.

Women as stakeholders in the Nigerian Project, view the recent call for the establishment of state police as a possible solution to this menace as the state police will have better knowledge of the communities.

The League believes that it is possible for the State Police to work hand in hand with the Nigerian Police Force for better results. It therefore calls on concerned Nigerians and Governments across the country to revisit these security proposals as well as other concerns relating to insurgency, with a view to ensuring that lives and properties are not wasted.

May God redeem Nigeria from this yoke and the unimagineable pain and suffering it has brought to many communities, families and individuals. Amen.


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