Looters’ list: PDP burdened by guilty conscience – APC

As the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and its main opposition, People’s Democratic Party (PDP) continue to be trading words over looting of National treasury, the former has again taken swipe at the latter, saying it is ‘burdened by guilty conscience’.

A statement signed by the National Publicity Secretary of the party, Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi, also advised PDP to follow the footsteps of former Deputy Senate President, Ibrahim Mantu by confessing all its ‘sins’ against the country, adding that the party should desist from indulging in name calling and “you too” accusations.

“Apparently burdened by guilty conscience, the PDP National Chairman had last week apologised to the nation for the years of misrule that his party has brought to the country. The APC noted this apology but asked the PDP to go a step further and confess to their sins before restitution could be considered,” Bolaji said.

The APC spokesman insisted that its main opposition (PDP) is not ready to repent for all its misdeeds, only offered apology with a view to getting short-cut back to power.

He said, “Instead of taking this path to redemption, PDP has engaged in fruitless “you too” accusations and name calling. This is further evidence that PDP is not ready for repentance and only offered the apology with the hope that Nigerians will grant them amnesty and a short-cut back to power.

“However, now that Senator Mantu has belled the cat, by confessing to how he has helped the PDP to rig elections in the past, we hope that PDP will follow the bold example of the former Senator and confess to their other sins against Nigeria.”


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