February 21, 2019
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More ex-governors may be Jailed before December

There are strong signals that more ex-governors are to be jailed as the anti-graft agency has perfected the prosecution process better than before.

Checks showed that between now and December, about seven former governors will be jailed.

Instead of dwelling on huge stolen sum that cannot be easily proven, the prosecution is concentrating on evidenced based looting which may range between two hundred million to five hundred million naira.

“On account of that new approach, hardly can any of the ex-governor on trial escape judgment. It is going to be a tsunami”, a source noted in Abuja.

SAHEL STANDARD was told that a former Governor who is the Director-General of a presidential aspirant is among those already listed as his case has many proofs and evidence to secure conviction.

Another source noted that, “the closer you are to the Presidency, the more likely you are to be affected as a former governor.

“The President wants to show the world that the anti-corruption war is real. Being in APC will not safe any of such ex-governors”, he said.

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