OPINION: Borno 2019: Adamu Dibal got it wrong on Modu Sheriff

There are indications that, the former Borno state deputy governor, Alhaji Adamu Shettima Yuguda Dibal may have in his usual characteristic stoop low again to his former boss Senator Ali Modu Sheriff.

Checks, already within the political firmament reveal that, Dibal may have been used by some strong forces from within and outside the All Progressive Congress, APC in an attempt to further sink the party into crises.

It is also unfortunate that, this is coming at the time; the party is working hard to fix relationship among its members following internal wrangling and waves of defections.

The attack by Dibal on his former boss Senator Ali Modu Sheriff was nothing but the spillover of a sour relationship that begins at the end of their tenure in government, and as the Muslim he (Dibal) claims to be in deeds and practice, his recent action is but a demonstration of his inner thoughts, which left him open to public pity as having failed in what he claims to be.

In his words: ‘the worst thing that can happen to any reasonable politician is to forget what works in his own base.’ Dibal in an opening paragraph, in an interview he granted Daily Trust on Wednesday, August 29, 2018, stated this while answering questions from journalists he called for an exclusive in order to get at his Boss.

The former number two man between 2003 and 2011 is quick to have forgotten that, he is the cause of his problem and not his principal, whom he has been nursing grudges with since they left office in 2011. Dibal also forgot to look at the mirror, which described him in the manner that he put in his own words – he (Dibal) has forgotten what works in his own base.

His recent interview, is not only an attempt to cause disaffection within the party in Borno state, but also undermining the person of Mr. President and the Party Chairman, if by his words they can be manipulated having known and work with Modu Sheriff long before he (Dibal) came to political lamplight.

Dibal utterances is not also an insult to the man he said as deputy governor, that he would respect till the end of end of aged, but this is also an insult to the person of President Muhammadu Buhari, Mr. Adams Oshiomole and the people of his very own constituency, who are lobbying with centre in Borno state to have a taste of power in 2019.

If there is any politician in Borno state that has betrayed President Muhammadu Buhari, it is no other person but Dibal himself.

In 2011, when he (Dibal) nursed the ambition of becoming the governor of Borno state, he struck a deal with then Presidential Aspirant of the CPC, which is Muhammadu Buhari and not only a verbal agreement but a written one, which he shows his supporters in his house.

At that time, he knew he has no future in the Sheriff’s led ANPP even before the primaries that brought in Kashim Shettima after Boko Haram kills the party’s anointed – Engr. Fannami Gubio.

Dibal made Buhari to understand that he is being segregated because he did not belong to the league of the Kanuris. Indeed, he has gained favour with the people of the state including the Kanuris and a majority of the group that forms the league of electorates.

He wanted to cash on the sour relationship Modu Sheriff had with the electorates at that time, and he would have succeeded in Borno with Buhari’s love even at that time.

But Dibal does not fly straight. His eyes were also on the promises made to him, and when Sheriff lay the bet, he quickly grasped it. He then abandon Buhari and the cause of CPC in Borno and that was the end of what would have been his turn around as well as the turning point for his people in southern Borno. Indeed, he did not know what works in his base.

Like what he did in 2011 that, caused him his ambition, Dibal is in it again, to spoil the show for the southern Borno people. Playing out on Sheriff is a wrong move in the first place and even now because Modu Sheriff is not just a push over. The Presidency knows about it and so are the people in Borno state.

No politician in Borno state today, whether in Modu Sheriff’s camp or outside as a result of political misunderstanding that has no linked with Modu Sheriff. We know the three Senator and ten House of Representatives Members, I know the past political officer holders and I know the present at least since the return of democracy in 1999. Who has no link with Modu Sheriff?

It is not for us at this moment to remind him (Dibal) that he is the author of his own problems. For when a man is unstable in his ways, there is always the trend for him to lose everything he ever dreamt of becoming.

The questions before We begin to look into his interview is to ask anyone that reads through that interview to sincerely asked his or herself whether it is wrong for any politician to move out of one political party to another out of interest, disaffection, dissatisfied or otherwise.

President Muhammadu Buhari, who is considered today, a sincere politician, had had a moment on which he had to move out from one political party to another in the pursued of his dream when it matters most.

The buildup for 2019 for any politician is a time for realignment. So, whether he stays with the majority or chooses to be a lone actor in the political square is a personal decision seemly right for whoever takes the step to make a move.

On this, Dibal got it all wrong. We would not speak on why Modu Sheriff had to leave the APC for PDP because the drama that took place with Jagaban is still fresh in the media and can be found with a click of the mouse.

Again, We would not speak on why Sheriff returns to the APC because the play in WADATA House, the moves by APC to checkmate former Vice President Atiku Abubakar was carried in the newspaper long before Modu Sheriff makes his U-turn.

So, why did Dibal grant an interview to smear Modu Sheriff? For those who read the papers, by now they would have figure out why APC welcomes Modu Sheriff like the Biblical father of the prodigal son as told.

Of course, in that same story we were told that the good son was not happy as his father throw a celebration for lost son who returns home.

Modu Sheriff’s returns home to APC means a lot for the party, and for Borno state, a lot more would happened in the cause of making and shaping the players that will make the 2019 team.

Where is Dibal’s position in this arrangement? What is his relationship with his constituency, and why? The Waziri of Biu has no claim to happening at his base.

Baba Kabiru wrote from Gwarimpa Housing Estate, Abuja


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