OPINION: How we floored Okorocha

It’s only when there is darkness that you see the stars.

Somehow, not many people believe what is happening today in the Imo State chapter of APC. Many people are of the view that there is no way anybody or group could turn Owelle into a complaint in Imo APC.

People thought, nobody could face Owelle at least in the APC since he has become the alpha and the omega in the state.

Owelle boasted how he will retire a generation of politicians in the state, shared out all the elective positions to himself, in laws and how he has defeated all and inherited Imo State.

He so mesmerized the citizens that many people started asking if Imo has come under a spell. Gullible masses started giving the impression that Owelle has indeed conquered the state.

But if you have followed my series of advice to Owelle, I predicted that Owelle was not going to go far. My reasons were very clear and simple.

Owelle was simply deluding himself and behaving like somebody who has become a victim of power overdose. And it’s clear that Owelle was hiding something.

He has lost all the people that fought his political battles with him in the past. He failed to realise that Imo people have deserted him and he is standing alone.

People were just bidding their time to strike him.

Of course, he proved beyond reasonable doubt that he is not a team player and believes that nobody matters.

Imo political leaders sensed that if they allowed him to continue the way he is going, everybody will perish politically with him.

They, therefore, hatched a deliberate effort to retake the party from Owelle and reposition the party to retain power in Imo State.

Of course, people were asked to drop their individual ambitions in order to achieve this onerous task.

Series of consultations were undertaken by top political operatives from across the state and everybody spoke in one accord.

Different and divergent interests and views came together. The agenda was simple, “take back the APC from Owelle”.

History of this struggle will never forget the likes of Senator Izunaso who remained calm in the face of unprovoked, unwarranted attacks and machinations to damage his image and reputation.

All manner of frame up were contrived by Owelle to get Izunaso out of the party and he was unshakable.

He remained focused in his sacred duty of service to the party.

The likes of Senator Ifeanyi Araraume who remained Owelles nightmare, then Deputy Governor,  State party Chairman, Eke,  General Gbujie, Jude Ejiogu, Senator Uzodinma, Senator Uwajimogu, Hon Nwajiuba, T.O.E Ekechi, C.C. Uba, Odebube, Obiyo,  Denton Ogbuehi, Kingsley Ufere, Deputy Woman leader lady Tina Adike, Amara Iwuanyanw, Stanley Nzekwe, Ugochkwu Nzekwe,   my humble self, Nze Elvis Agukwe and many others too numerous to mention.

Special recognition must go to the irrepressible G 16 chairmen and state exco members who gave special impetus to the struggle.  Emeka Nzeribe is also outstanding.

We gave the struggle a national face and took the fight off Owelles radar. He became confused and because he is deficient in tactics, he technically removed himself from the party. I will later reveal how Owelle lost the battle for the soul of Imo APC.

Today, Imo APC is liberated from Owelle. He has become someone who complains and he is going to remain so. He just lost it because he is alone. If you hire a mediocre team, you get mediocre results. A new dawn has come to Imo APC and indeed Imo Politics.

The coalition or allied forces as some people call it, will continue to remain together for the final onslaught. If you cannot follow,  you can’t lead. I expect Owelle to follow the victorious team. That is where ‘Nde Imo’ are.

Presently, there is jubilation all over the state and beyond (Nationwide and overseas).

The narrative has changed suddenly about Imo political leaders and Ndigbo in general.  People who wrote Ndigbo and nde Imo off, have suddenly realized that Igbo elites and leaders are truly sophisticated and will always do the right things at the right time.

This new dawn will determine the direction of 2019 elections. Bravo and Kudos to Imo APC Stakeholders for a job welldone.

…Nze Elvis Agukwe is an APC strategist and opinion analyst

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