Over 20,000 Cameroonians seeking asylum in Nigeria – UNHCR

No fewer that 20,000 Cameroonians seeking asylum in Nigeria without urgent international humanitarian support for them to survive, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has said.

The Spokesman of UNHCR, Alkaterini Kitidi, in a statement made available to newsmen in Maiduguri said the dislosure was made in Geneva, where he warned that refugees’ struggle for survival will be increasing geometrically if a drastic measure to curb it is not put in place.

He said the Anglophone Cameroonians commenced fleeing violence in October 2017 and continues to troop into Cross River, Taraba, Benue and Akwa-Ibom states.

According to him, over 20,000 refugees have been registered in the four states in few months, saying that women and children take large percentage.

“Women and children account for 80 per cent of the total registered Cameroonian refugees in Nigeria,” Kitidi said

Speaking further, the recent assessment by humanitarian groups indicated how grim the humanitarian situation has become in the four affected states.

He said, “Ninety-five per cent of the asylum seekers have no more than three days of food. Most families are down to one meal per day.

“The coping strategies people are using are themselves risky, and range from borrowing money to cutting food portions or saving food only for children.

“Most asylum seekers say they have to drink water from streams, ponds and other unsafe sources, because of inadequate or dysfunctional drinking water facilities.”

About By Kwiza Mbumbeh, Maiduguri


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