PDP decries APC for changing slogan from ‘Change’ to ‘Progress’

The main opposition political party in Nigeria, People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has carpeted the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) for modifying its slogan from ‘Change’ to ‘Progress’, saying it is an attempt to cajole Nigerians.

The APC had on Saturday during its convention changed its slogan – ‘Change’, which it adopted in 2014 prior to 2015 general elections.

But reacting to the move on Sunday, the PDP, in a statement signed its spokesman, Kola Ologbondiyan, described such thought as a direct insult on the intelligence of Nigerians, adding that “it is the worst form of deceit from a failed political party that had brought nothing but hunger, afflictions and daily bloodletting to the nation.”

The detailed statement can be found below:

“How can the APC think that by changing its slogan, Nigerians will suddenly forget that in the last three years of its administration, the nation has not witnessed the CHANGE it promised and that all the campaign promises upon which they rode to power have all turned out to be lies?

“Whereas under the APC misrule all aspects of our national life have witnessed unprecedented deterioration, its leaders are busy thinking of how to beguile Nigerians with a change of slogan instead of preparing their handover notes.

“It is a notorious fact that the APC has nothing to progress with unless they mean the perpetuation of their misrule, violation of human rights, de-marketing of our nation, wrecking of our economy, increased unemployment, instigating of disunity among the people as well as the acute hunger and poverty for which they have become synonymous.

“It is imperative to inform these APC leaders that the solution to the problems they have unleashed on our nation today does not lie in sloganeering.

“Rather, our nation requires a new leadership  of qualitative Nigerians endowed with indepth knowledge in the areas of economy, security and good governance.

“On our own part,  the repositioned PDP is  working round the clock in our resolve to bring forth a form of government that will encapsulate the aspirations,  happiness and prosperity of Nigerians in all areas of life.

“We therefore urge Nigerians to shun this contrivance of another deceptive lexicon aimed to once again beguile our people, now that election is around the corner.”


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