March 22, 2019

PILI tackles Globacom for sacking over 90 female employees

The decision by Globacom Telecommunications Company, owners of Glo Mobile Network which saw the sacking of over 90 female staff members from their employment list has been challenged by the Public Interest Litigation Initiative (PILI).

In a statement emailed to SAHEL STANDARD on Wednesday, the Executive Director of the Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), Prof Adesoji Adesugba, PILI says it condemns such action in its entirety and manifestation, adding that it has blatantly violated the rights of women as encapsulated in the United Nations (UN) Charter against discrimination on any basis.

He said, “It was annoying to note that a global brand like Globacom which ought to have stood firmly against such illicit acts by inculcating global best practices in her modus operandi has gotten itself contaminated in an avoidable error of this proportion.”

While recalling that his investigation on the subject matter has thrown up several issues, Prof. Adesugba wondered why Glo could choose to deliberately undermine the letters of Article 30 of the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) which explicitly defines what amounts to discrimination against women.

The statement added that, “It is disheartening to hear that these particular set of female staff who have worked very hard to take the company to the height it has attained today could be treated in a needlessly reckless manner. We at PILI find this unacceptable and have taken a legal action to challenge this glitch.

“It is going to be a legal fight to the finish until and unless very urgent and responsible steps are taken by Globacom to restate them back to their various positions with full benefits in addition to paying damages to them for distorting their career path or progress.

“Annoyingly, this unwarranted decision was taken when the International Women’s Day celebration for 2018 was around the corner. This is not only a violation of extant laws governing labour in Nigeria but also a complete deviation from global best practices where women who aspire to reach the zenith of their chosen careers are not only given a chance to excel but also supported to do so.

“The reasons adduced as accounting for their sack in the company is grossly insufficient. Globacom is tactically saying expertise and competence can be easily slaughtered. Let me remind Globacom that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Number 5 is also aimed at comprehensively achieving gender equality and empowerment of women and girls all over the world”.

According to the ED, the time has come for all men of goodwill to rally round women in order to ensure that they successfully overcome any impediments on their way to becoming fully empowered economically, politically and socially.

“We have to start the process of ensuring that, no worker in Nigeria, particularly those affected by this action are not used and dumped after contributing immensely in training, mentoring and track record of service to their employers”, Adesugba concluded.

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