Police launch manhunt on whistle-blower

The Lagos state police command has cleared an officer accused of amassing wealth beyond legal means, dismissing claims by a masked woman in a viral social media video.

Though the Police identified the officer as Inspector Christopher Nnabugwu, which corresponded to the name of the officer given in the viral video, it however, disputed claims that the officer possessed fleet of assets that is far above his earnings.

In the viral video online, the woman wearing mask, alleged that the officer had huge amount domiciled in his account, among other undeserved assets.

The lady, which gave address of a house supposedly belonging to the officer, indicated in the video that aside the property worth N250 million, he rides exotic cars with customized number plate titled ‘MCON’.

She added that the sergeant was worth over N2 billion and that he spent millions during his 30th birthday party, calling on the police authority to investigate the source of the wealth of the officer, who she alleged to be serving in Mopol 18, Owerri, Imo State.

Pressured by public disposition to the disclosure in the social media videos, the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Ibrahim Idris, ordered the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Imohimi Edgal, to investigate the case.

But on Thursday while addressing press on the outcome of the investigation, Edgal dismissed the accusations against Nnabugwu, noting that the officer was not serving in the Mopol division as the viral video claimed.

“There exists indeed one Christopher Marcel Nnabugwu alias MCON. The said Christopher Marcel Nnabugwu was enlisted into the police force in 2000 and was trained at the Police College Oji River, Enugu State,” Edgal explained.

“He is presently an Inspector of Police serving at Ogudu Police Division where he is attached to the Divisional Crime Brand (DCB) and not a police Sergeant serving at MOPOL 18 Owerri as alleged.

“That Inspector Marcel Nnabugwu has never served in Mobile Police Force (MPF) since his enlistment into the Nigeria Police. That his picture in Police Mobile Uniform downloaded by the masked woman was the uniform he wore when he went for mobilization exercise into the PMF for which he was not successful.”

Edgal disclosed that contrary to claim in the viral video that the officer is a billionaire, he shared details of Nnabugwu bank account details, which balances stood at N15,000.

The Lagos police chief, however, announced a manhunt on the masked woman, saying he would not accept the blackmail of any officer of the police.

Nnabugwu, who also spoke at the briefing, expressed shock that his career was targeted for disruption, saying he could not recognize the voice nor the rationale behind the viral video.


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