Politics and development in Katsina State

The Katsina North Senatorial bye-elections has been decided. It has become a major indicator of determining the acceptability or otherwise of the ruling party, the APC, in the State.

It was the day when the opposition party, the PDP, was embarrassingly thrashed and the memories of their failed leadership characterized by misfortune, disaster and annoyance were met with maximum retribution.

The perception of those elites who lost out in the power struggle to the effect that they could present a formidable opposition to the ruling party is at best a falsity and reflects not just their ignorance but also an inessential sightless harangue against the ruling APC in the state.

Their footprints in leadership were marked by disrespect to elders and the electorate, wanton disregard of the social norms and values of the Katsina people and the abridgment of the right of traditional institutions.

Thus, when the Katsina North bye-elections was swept by the ruling APC, pundits were of the opinion that the PDP has been forced once again to recoil from the precipice to a seemingly bottomless chasm.

It has been pragmatically proven based on existing facts and disposition of the average Katsina voters that the challenging the ruling party is akin to incurred ancestral curses.

With the prevailing voter disposition and their love towards President Muhammad Buhari and governor Aminu Bello Masari, it would be an infantile and misinterpreted perception of the local politics to even contemplate of any other party getting an upper hand in the State.

The phenomenal name of the Phenomenal name of president Muhammad Buhari finally concretized the acceptability of the APC in the state. Indeed, politics is a local undertaking.

Interestingly the decisive victory of the APC had been correctly foretold by the socio-economic undertakings of the Rt. Hon. Aminu Bello Masari led administration.

The administration is being celebrated as one of moderation, inclusiveness, and accommodation of opposing viewpoints. Its giant strides in the socio-economic fronts have successfully repositioned it to a solid front and a locally acceptable platform.

Rt. Hon. Aminu Bello Masari has been consistently prudent and transparent in running an administration that inherited a backlog of pension arrears, a rickety institutional framework and a society pervaded by socio-economic neglect including an inherently fleeced exchequer.

The battered economy of the state and the impact of the global depression which compounded the problems confronted by the administration was maturely handled by the administration.

Among the success of president Muhammad Buhari and Aminu Bello Masari is their ability to understand that political set-up is a dynamic phenomenon; the ever-changing nature of human society demands compensatory changes within the system.

The governor in general agreement with president Muhammad Buhari philosophical underpinnings successfully abrogated the hitherto tenureship arrangement introduced by the previous government in the civil service, paid a backlog of pension arrears and created a system that rewards merit, a clear landmark change in the civil service.

To further fulfill its major restoration undertaking, the government is addressing infrastructural deficiencies of the primary health care facilities, a major component of the structural quality of a health system.

The government rehabilitated, expanded and upgraded the Katsina general hospital, Funtua general hospital, and the Daura general hospital. The project components included the renovation and expansion of out-patient-department, the maternity ward, accident and emergency wards, the laboratories and administration departments.

The second component of the undertaking is the provision of equipment such as modern x-ray machines, Citi-scan and MRI machines and scanners.

In addition, the administration recruited 110 doctors including 15 consultants, 250 nurses, and 300 midwives. The State Government is also poise towards establishing a state-owned teaching hospital under the Ummaru Musa Yar’adua University. The project is on course.

Fascinatingly, the administration has placed its name in the hall of fame by the development of transport road network which plays an important role in economic development.

The kilometer of paved roads existing in a state is often used as an index of development. The APC leadership has constructed and rehabilitated over 450km in the Katsina North Senatorial Zone, 308 in Katsina Central Senatorial Zone and 473 km in Funtua zone. The feat is an unparalleled performance since the return of democracy in Katsina State.

Again in the education front, the Aminu Bello Masari administration has been engaged in rehabilitating schools that have been left in a state of disrepair, expanding learning space particularly in densely populated settlements and overcrowded schools and improving the girl child education.

This complements the recruitment of teachers for both primary and secondary schools. A total of 752 new classrooms have come on stream with 1, 598 renovated across the State. Similarly, 10,000 units of furniture comprising double seater chairs and desks have been provided by the administration.

Furthermore, over 1100 primary and secondary teachers, some of whom have not had any promotion for 10 years, have been promoted. Over 2000 teachers have also been recruited for primary and secondary school,5000 more are currently being recruited under the S-Power Programme.

Convincingly the Aminu Bello Masari leadership has enabled a polity which facilitates economic growth, a demonstrated rational and responsible government. The APC led administration has avoided reckless actions and shows appreciation of values of the administrative and legal procedure. These traits continue to endear the APC to the hearts of the ordinary Katsina people.

Umar Ya’u is the chairman of the Buhari / Masari Support Group, Katsina State.


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