Rotex Glass launches dust-proof windows

Rotex Glass Limited, a division of Rotex Group of companies based mainly in Europe has launched the manufacture and installation of a new innovative home window solution that offers up to 99% external noise reduction and zero dust penetration into our homes.

These windows are layered with a gas-filled space to absorb the noise and filter the sound as well as provides adequate thickness in the glass to eliminate dirt.

Rotex metal-uPVC windows consist of a spectacular noise and dust reduction feature which is thicker than an average double glazed window that has two panes of 3mm glass separated by a 6mm gas pocket.

It consists of a greater gap using thick and laminated glass which improves the acoustic insulation quality or sound transmission glass and keeps outside elements out of the home or workspace, thereby protecting furniture, office equipment, and artwork. They are welded and have multiple chamber construction.

Reduction of noise is not so simple because noise pollution comes in different forms; air traffic, busy roads, construction noise, traffic noise and so much more. However, using Rotex double glazed windows can eliminate noise from a home by 99%.

Rotex uPVC windows control noise with the use of acoustic glass which reduces the sound wave’s energy. It also provides insulation for collision and airborne noise as well as maintains the safety and security properties of laminated glass. It is best used for commercial and domestic buildings especially for skylights, patio doors, windows etc.

Rotex Limited has developed the double glazed unit glass solutions which are integrated into window systems. With the benefits of being highly durable, they are completely sealed to serve as a gap proof window system. Thus, preventing dust from penetrating the home and work environment.

Rotex uPVC windows eliminate 99% of dust, drafts, and dirt as small as 0.3 microns (bacteria, viruses, fumes, and pollen). It delivers maximum benefit of a high-efficiency and safe window. Finally, one of the most amazing benefits of these windows is; they encourage a healthier lifestyle by discouraging the use of air purifiers.


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