Sierra Leone: A vote for Dr. Samura Kamara

We have been left with two options. But! Yes, but one has a challenging past and for that I/we rather go for a Samura presidency since he is no stranger to Sierra Leone’s growth roadmap having served the country in various capacities.

Dr. Samura Kamara has been a major player in all our development efforts. From the ‘Change’ growth trajectory to the Prosperity agenda, the APC Presidential Candidate has had a rich pedigree and contributed positively to the successful implementation of both documents.

He has, both locally and out of the country, served it in diverse capacities, having served then World Bank and IMF.

The choice we are slated to make few days from now is one of progress in the person of Dr. Samura and getting back to the drawing board should the country decide to have an SLPP Candidate for the presidency.  We have made  tremendous progress over the years, more so in the last ten years.

This is particularly so in the areas of infrastructure, the economy, our democratic governance and in the promotion of human rights amongst others. Globally,  we continue to play key roles in regional peace and in leading the African Common Position on reform of the UN, when Dr. Samura Kamara was foreign minister.

This is not just about Dr. Samura Kamara alone, rather, it is about the future of our country; it is about us today and generations to come; it is about the good of our beloved country; it is about our future as voters because the decision we make today will help shape the path the country takes for the coming years if not decades. Sierra Leone’s responsibility is that of Dr. Samura Kamara and the APC.

As we go to the polls in a runoff in few days, it is hopeful, we won’t afford reversing these gains we have made over the years.

We must sustain those gains. There  is no way we could be guaranteed of continued growth under any dispensation but that of an APC led government. We have a duty to perform- electing Dr. Samura Kamara as President. A vote for Dr. Samura Kamara brings hope for a better Sierra Leone!

…John Baimba writes from Freetown


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