State of the Nation: Afenifere Slams Buhari

A pro-Yoruba group, Afenifere has expressed dissatisfaction to President Muhammadu Buhari attitude to governance, reminding him that Nigerians voted for him to take actions and not complaints.

The group who said Nigerians are tired with the president recurring attitude of passing blames, declared that “Nigerians are tired of lamentations.”

On Tuesday, Buhari had while receiving Buhari Support Group (BSG) in Abuja heaped blames on his predecessors for the poor developments in the country but exempted a late military leader, Sani Abacha, who he said irrespective of opinions formed against him, built roads, hospitals and schools.

The president who also hinted of probing $16 billion allegedly spent on power projects by former President Olusegun Obasanjo, attached members of the National Assembly for doing nothing despite some of them being in that chamber for 10 years.

Obasanjo has, however, swiftly rejected Buhari’s claim, declaring the position of Buhari as ‘ignorance’ and directed the president to certain pages of his (Obasanjo’s) book, where he said there are sufficient information on the power projects to answer doubts.

Also reacting to the president’s comment, Afenifere chided Buhari for reducing governance to ‘blame game’, advising him (Buhari) to sit up and carryout the purpose he was elected for.

Yinka Odumakin, the spokesman of Afenifere, said the incessant resort to complaints by the president is tiring, asking Buhari to demonstrate actions in confronting issues.

“Nigerians are tired of lamentations,” Afenifere declared, asking that “He (Buhari) should take the bull by the horns and work.”

On his criticisms of members of the National Assembly, Afenifere asked Buhari to prevail on them (National Assembly) to work since his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) since it has the majority in the parliament.

“If he is complaining that the National Assembly has not done anything in the last 10 years, what has the executive under him achieved in the last three years?” the socio-political group queried.

“His party (APC) has the majority in the National Assembly, why can’t he get the lawmakers to work instead of complaining.

“I think we have had enough of complaints. He should take action and do something.

“Human lives no longer mean anything in the country; people are being killed like fowls,” Odumakin noted.


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