Cameroon: UN conducts registration of Nigerian refugees

The biometric registration of #Nigerian #Refugees in the Logone-et-Chari Division was officially launched on Wednesday 15 November 2018 in #Afade. The UNHCR said the operation was aimed at registering and documenting 38,715 refugees,to guarantee them international protection and free movement. The UN agency said tbe biometric registration of #Nigerian out of camp #Refugees in the […]

Cameroon Violence: Security Boss Warns against Leakages on Social Media

After constantly leaking certain confidential information and or acts by Gendarme Officers, the Gendarmerie boss has prescribed zero tolerance to defaulters. This was according to reports by the Cameroonian News Agency. Surprisingly, this information is contained in another circular not meant for the public but has been leaked. In the circular, the Secretary of State […]

Cameroon Presidential Poll: US Denies Funding Opposition Candidates

The Spokesperson of the US Embassy in Yaoundé, Cameroon, Lee McManis, has said that news circulated by some newspapers on their alleged funding of political opposition parties in view of upcoming Presidential election is unverified, false and unprofessional. In a statement attributed to the Embassy’s spokesperson, Lee McManis, to the newspapers that carried the articles […]

How suspected jihadists kill six in Cameroon

Six villagers were killed overnight in northern Cameroon in an attack attributed to Nigeria’s Boko Haram jihadist group, a local leader said Friday. The attack occurred in the village of Mangave Foya, said Abdoulaye Yerima Bakari, the head of the Dogba administrative region. “They attacked the home of a district chief, whom they shot, as […]