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US intervenes in Cameroonian conflict

Following deepening separatists’ violence in Cameroon, the American Ambassador, Peter Henry Barlerin, has intervened to broker dialogue between government and the rebels.

The diplomat brought together some civil society leaders, clergymen, political leaders, and representatives of human rights organizations, as well as a government representative who shared perspectives on the Southern Cameroons crisis in order to chart a path towards a peaceful resolution of the conflict that is clearly at a dead end.

According to reports, Barrister Felix Agbor-Balla who stands for federalism and who had served some time in jail because of this crisis, stressed that the government’s failure to comply with provisions of the Foumban Conference was to blame for the crisis.

He also pointed to the flagrant and extensive social exclusion, social and economic injustice, structural division and political discrimination as those issues that need to be promptly addressed if Cameroon had to remain one and indivisible.

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