March 19, 2019
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Voting for the unity of Nigeria

By Faith Berewa

There are many issues at stake in this 2019 presidential election all of which are very important but a particular one remains salient and most important. It is therefore imperative that all of us be reminded that above all other considerations and interests, Nigeria must remain together as a single entity.

We must remain one nation and one people, for until there is a country called Nigeria, the presidency and all the power and influence that goes with it shall vanish. The presidency is to bring the federating states together in peace and unity, cooperating to develop our land.

I am saying this because the convergence of what we call Nigeria is the embodiment of many ethnic nationalities whose interests and identity is at the heart of their membership in this federation.

All of our ethnic groups desire and deserve their own place in the national polity and the national economy. Excluding any ethnic group, whether small or large, and whether perceived or real, is a threat to national unity and the continued existence of the country called Nigeria.

The presidency must therefore be occupied by someone who will sincerely carry all our regions, ethnic groups and religious faiths along, with all our diversities, in all fairness and dignity.

I am talking about a president who believes that all Nigerians are one and equal irrespective of tribe, religion, gender or social status, which qualifies all of us to have equal access to the nation’s wealth and political power. This is what inclusiveness is all about.

Therefore who among Atiku and Buhari can be trusted with bridging the divide among us? Before you vote check their records and see which one of them can be trusted with the unity of Nigeria.

My fear about president Buhari is that he has brazenly and intentionally excluded other ethnic and religious groups from national power and influence in a fashion never seen in the history of this nation.

Unfortunately, we have never been this divided along ethnic, regional and religious lines, all because we voted a man who became president of one region, one religion and one ethnic group at the expense other regions, religions and ethnic groups.

His open disdain for other ethnic groups and faiths as manifested by his utterances but more especially his deliberate appointments to positions, especially in the key security sector favouring those of his ethnic and religious colourations is a danger capable of setting the nation on a precipice.

In simple terms such a one is a very divisive figure and no national leader. Anyone who acts in ways contrary to equal and fair treatment of all Nigerians is not qualified to lead us a nation. The person may lead in his own State or Local Government but not in Abuja as President.

It is saddening and heartbreaking that President Muhammadu Buhari and his handlers do not have the slightest iota of quilt nor remorse for dividing Nigeria with their regional and tribal supremacy politics. They don’t give a damn how the marginalized groups feel, rather relish in it.

This is a recipe for conflict and disintegration in the near or distant future. The issues of poverty, insecurity and our failing economy are all important but never equal to the current threat posed by the discrimination and unfairness meted out by president Buhari and his Cabal, which is now known openly as a deliberate ploy to enthrone ‘his own people’; a myopic, bigoted and parochial mindset.

Why should we allow Buhari and his Cabal to continue dividing us at the expense of our unity and continued existence as a country? Are we not smart enough as a people to know that without justice and fairness to all tribes, regions and religions there can be no peace, no progress and no development?

It is now up to each individual voter to decide whether we want us to remain united as one people and one country in harmony, or we want to see a disintegrated Nigeria caused by insurrections in direct reaction to the deliberate marginalization of other ethnic nationalities and religions by president Buhari’s cabal.

This election is our most genuine opportunity to uproot the seeds of discord, start our national healing process and nation building by voting for a president who will unite rather than divide us further.

You can connect with Faith via or @faithberewa or 08075521852.

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