We’ll sent APC packing – Osun PDP chairman

The Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Osun state, Hon. Soji Adagunodo has predicted the end of rule of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state, saying it (APC) misrule of the state over the past seven years is almost over.

Adagundo made this assertion in response to the formal decamping of prominent grassroots mobiliser Alhaji Fatai Diekola and renown businessman, Alh Tijani Oladosu popularly called TILAD and thousands of their supporters to the PDP.

Apparently thrilled by the development, the PDP chief described the decision of the APC chieftains and thousands of members in Osogbo and Olorunda Local government to ditch the ruling party as a clear signal of its near exit from power in the state.

He disclosed that other top leaders of the APC are currently in talk with the State chapter of the People’s Democratic party and will be announcing their exit from the ruling party in the next few days and weeks.

Pointing out that APC support base has waned in the state tremendously, Adagunodo hinted that the defection of Diekola and TILAD has decimated the strength of the party in Osogbo and Olorunda local governments, two councils noted for their high turn of voters registration in the state.

“It is noteworthy that Alhaji Diekola and TILAD are some of the political life wire of the APC in Osogbo and Olorunda Local governments, the constituency with the largest voters registration figures in the state,” Osun PDP chairman noted.

He also hinted that about fifteen thousand leaders and members of the APC will be formally received into the party by the National chairman of the PDP at the South West mega rally holding on Saturday in Osogbo.

“These are people who have seen through the deceit and oppressive tendencies of the APC and are ready to join forces with other patriots to democratically uproot this malaise and return the PDP to power in the September 22nd Governorship election.

“We welcome them on board the restoration train which will give power back to the teachers, workers, farmers, professionals, artisans, traders and other categories of citizens who have been subjected to degrading treatment in the hands of the Rauf Aregbesola-led administration since November 2010.

“In the best tradition of the PDP, we regard all decampees as equal partners who will be carried along in party processes at all levels”

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  1. Popoola Opeyemi Utility says:

    God forbid bad thing, May God not allow devil party in our state again.

    Continuity of good governance
    #Ileri Oluwa ni yio se

  2. Wasiu Adebiyi says:

    Everyone is entitled to his opinion but fact is sacred. As one of Osun indigene, I can say that Osun is not ready for retrogression again but continuity of good programs of the current APC government.

  3. Of what importance is Tilad to his people? Alhaji Fatai Diekola left Baba Akande to join Oyinlola, he left Oyinlola to join Aregbesola, now his end is near in politics because of outstanding performance of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, Ogbeni has turned Osogbo to a real state capital, come September 22, Ogbeni will have successor from APC and history will absolve us.

  4. Adagunodo is a rabble rouser, the defection of Fatai Diekola is of no effect in APC, a man who has lost relevance in his local government. Tilad is a business man who has little knowledge about politics. Just as if somebody is saying Dangote decamp to a political party, what is his political value? Instead of PDP to be mourning the exit of their giant, Iyiola Omisore, the only man that has been winning is constituency for their party despite in opposition, you’re celebrating the exit of black sheep in APC! Shior

  5. It is expected of a prostitute politician.
    Right from time, his(Diekola) political antecedence in the state has not been worthy of emulation.
    We know of political figures in the party that could defect and will greatly shake the party.

    Fatal Diekola is such a man that align with movements that only would benefit him.

    Tilad defection is such that equate taking a bucket of water from ocean.

    They left no vaccum

  6. Popoola Opeyemi Utility says:

    Ignore Adagunodo, APC advices workers

    The All Progressives Congress in the state of Osun has advised workers not to listen to the illiterate and wickedly false statement of the PDP Chairman, Chief Adagunodo about the workers welfare in the state.
    The APC made the statement in reaction to a report credited to the PDP chairman who falsely accused the governor of criminal action without the slightest element of proof.
    Adagunodo said that Aregbesola was diverting funds meant for workers salaries for his own pleasure.
    This is a criminal allegation that Adagunodo is under legal obligation to prove. When a man supposedly as educated as Adagunodo could descend to the gutter level of making such utterly unfounded allegation against an innocent man, then the people of Osun should be concerned that a PDP led by such a character would not be worthy of running a pig sty, much more talking of a state.
    We therefore in good conscience and with all the authority we can muster challenge Adagunodo to take this allegation to a court of law and prove it, otherwise he has lost all credibility before the people of Osun.
    in conclusion, we would encourage workers in the state to listen to what their leader, Jacob Adekomi had said which represent the truth that the ‘Aregbesola government has surpassed the expectations of the workers’ over the agreement on workers’ salaries and pensions.
    The NLC chairman is in a superior position of truth with facts and figures than a political liar who has no respect for truth and can, in spite of his education defamed and scandalized the person of the governor.

  7. Adagunodo( Osun PDP chairman) is just accusing Aregbesola falsely. No time to argue with Adagunodo because people of the state of Osun can see vividly the achievements of Aregbesola. PDP can never has the chance to rule this state because any candidate appoints by Aregbesola as his successor will sure be the next governor of the state because the people of Osun wants continuity. Aregbesola don’t just speak, his work speaks for us through the people. No chance for any Party with corruption and mismanagement of public funds, this state is liberated by the number one omoluabi and only omoluabi will continue ruling us…..

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