Why we fired 90 staff members in one day – Globacom

As controversy continues to trail the mass sack of about 90 staff members by Globacom, the Telecom firm has come out to deny allegations of discrimination in carrying out the retrenchment, saying the sack was due to performance of the affected people.

Reports had few weeks ago emerged that the firm sacked 90 workers, majority of which are female in various Glo Friendship Centres across the country for being married.

The reports, which went viral, generated a lot of reactions from Nigerians who accused the Telecom firm of discrimination, not only against women, but also on their marital status.

But dismissing the accusations, Globacom in a statement posted on one of its media platforms, said it laid off the staff due to performance issues and not restricted to married women as widely insinuated.

“It is not true that this was restricted to married women alone.”

The Telecom firm clarified that a letter in circulation purporting that it terminated the service of the affected staffs due to their gender and marital status, was forged.

“The letter in circulation is a forged document. Globacom has not issued any such letter to anyone,” Globacom clarified.

The company, however, noted that “Globacom upholds gender equality irrespective of marital status and promotes equal opportunities for the growth and personal development of all staffs.”


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