February 21, 2019
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Zamfara on the Verge of Bloodshed: An Open Letter to Human Rights Organizations.

Zamfara on the Verge of Bloodshed: An Open Letter to Human Rights Organizations.


1. Global Rights
2. Amnesty International
3. Human Rights Watch
4. National Human Rights Commission
5. International Criminal Court (ICC)
6. Human Rights Network Agenda (HRAN)

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing this open letter to both national and international Human Rights organizations with deep worries and concerns over the volatile political situation in Zamfara State, North western region of Nigeria.We found ourselves in a political turmoil that led to the death of five innocent lives including children for no reason other than the conduct of an APC gubernatorial primaries in the State.

Let me start with the little background of the problem which is about to consume more lives in Zamfara State if adequate measures are not taken. The crisis emanated as a result of the state governor insistent to impose his ‘anointed’ candidate’s for all the elective position under the platform of APC in Zamfara State.

The action was resisted by the other Gubernatorial aspirants under the party whom had an alliance under the named” G8″ to challenge the Executive Governors decision.The decision was also rejected by majority of the party faithfuls based on the information and evidence at our disposal.

The actions, inaction and utterances of Governor Yari are heating the already volatile polity. The recent media address by the Governor calling for people to come out today (6/10/2018) to protest and forcefully stop the conduct of the rescheduled gubernatorial primaries in the state is a complete invitation to anarchy, chaos and unrest in the state.

It is so sad how a person claiming to be the “Chief security officer” of the state will lead a protest in his own state not minding the lives already lost and persons injured in the previous one. My major concern on his Radio broadcast is his preference to die on the process or the Federal Government to declare state of emergency in the state.

This is to let you know that Governor Yari is ready and prepared to do anything to achieve his political objectives.We can not fold our arms to allow the blood of innocent people to be shed for no reason other than to satisfy the political ego of an individual or few individuals. Please, be inform that, Zamfara State has a population of over four million people whom majority are women and children.

Therefore, we are calling the attention and appealing to all meaning Nigerians and international Human Rights organizations to come to our rescue in order to protect and safeguard the lives and property of vulnerable Zamfara State people. No blood of any human is worth shedding for political or any other reason.

This call is necessary, though long overdue but still not late. We did everything possible as State based Human Rights organizations and activist to call Yari to order but all in vain. He proved to be above the law of the land and no longer respect human dignity and constitutional authorities at the national level.

Therefore, we are letting the whole world to focus it’s attention to Zamfara State and Governor Yari in particular. We will hold him responsible for whatever, happen in the course of his party primary elections. We will gather substantial evidence to be presented to International Criminal Court for litigation and justice.

This is forwarded for your necessary and timely action in order to save lives of the vulnerable,marginalized and suppressed people of Zamfara State.

Best Regards,

Adamu A. Kotorkoshi,
Executive Director,
Centre for Community Excellence (CENCEX)
zamfara state, Nigeria.
Email : cencexzamfara@gmail.com

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